Back home once again!

No great rush this morning, but I decided not to stay a second night. If the weather forecast had been better, I would have used the solitary day I had up my sleeve foodwise. Unfortunately, there is gonna be more rain, in a couple of days, but by then I’ll be back where it won’t matter with the creeks. There are a couple on the main track that don’t have bridges that were more than knee-deep on the way here. It would be good to get that done as soon as possible.

Once it Wairaurahiri Hut, it’s the viaducts. The big day is tomorrow, getting back through the bog to Wairaurahiri.

Last night the full range of stars was visible, well, with clear sky visible. The last of the moon was on show before the sun came up.

I went out early on to spot another deer, but I’ve alerted them to my presence with the fire last night.

With the clear skies there was a distinct chill was in the air as I stepped out, but there was no frost due to the dampness.

As for today, I could pack in a jiffy now my pack bulk is getting down. Almost low tide in that department.

Eventually I departed, enjoying the track while it lasted. The right bank rat tunnel access track is much rougher than the other side. Seems to have fewer secondary tunnels/trap lines come off it, so fewer DOC people use it. It hasn’t quite been as extensively marked, and there are plenty of distinct animal tracks to make following the official track on the ground more obscure.

On the other hand, it is somewhat shorter.

One moment of confusion where a whole bunch of tracks radiated from one point, of which only one was labelled, GB, or Grant Burn. Not the direction I really would choose.

One track went downhill, but as it seemed only another 100 m to the South Coast Track, I followed a pig track and went that direction. Cross country. Then just a simple walk to the hut.

The river was way down, and looking to the hills up the river, new snow was evident. In fact, I could see it was continuing to fall.

I’m super glad to have that excursion. A lovely track, in fact, and a great, little-used hut.

That detour has given me a better appreciation of Fiordland. Vast areas of relatively flat low land forest are trackless in the vicinity.

And, an idea to walk from Lake Hauroko at some point in the future. Perhaps.

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