Day 4 was a rest day. No predawn breakfast, or packing up hurriedly.

Instead, a lie in listening to the radio.

A fine day with the sun on show much of the time. I could cope with, and appreciate that.

Book reading.

It was after lunchtime when I ventured out down to the beach. I found it was heading to high tide with some waves rolling the rounded boulders around with its power.

Out to sea was Solander Island, and Little Solander.

From the mouth of the river, I followed the eroding coast west, past some open areas where deer obviously stay the night. Also found someone’s footprints that were not mine.

Just before the long cliffs started, a rope indicated I could climb up to the track not far away. Came back to my accommodation through the forest.

A 3 km excursion that filled in an hour or two. And it all helped my understanding of the area.

My body is feeling more frisky this afternoon and it helped I did not have to carry my luggage.

Slaughterburn Hut looks good for the morning, but if it’s raining heavily I might have to have more time here.

I can cope with that.

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