Not a cloud in the sky early on, so it seemed strange that heavy rainfall was predicted for later in the day on the 6 am weather report.

I might as well leave early to try to get to the shelter of Tailings Hut.

Long walk over the tussock, albeit on a decent four-wheel drive track. The landscape was cut up by some deep creeks as well as extra deep streams.

I turned off to Chimney Creek Hut for a look and was pleased I didn’t need to stay. I could cope with the lack of mattresses on the sleeping platforms, but the lack of easily accessible water was a deterrent.

Eventually, was the 500 m steepening drop to Boundary Creek, and I was climbing out the other side. On the way up, a few raindrops fell, and I was pleased to have my raincoat already on. Climbing was no issue, and I powered up the other side. Seemed like my dodgy knee was functional.

Not far to Tailings Hut for another solo night. The weather forecast might put people off, but only three other people had put their names in the hut book since I was there over a week before.

Fingers crossed again.

Now some blue patches in the sky. I might have missed that rain.

Later on, an older hunter and his daughter turned up in a four-wheel drive, so I finally got to talk to someone after a week. They offered a sausage in a bun, and I happily acceded.

Later I was able to reciprocate with a couple of those pathetic instant Maccona coffee packets that were equally well received.

Glad to help out.

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