Refreshed after a nine-hour sleep, despite sore muscles.

A mighty fine, if windy, day.

I searched out some non-murky water that didn’t come from a shallow pool but a small flowing creek and enjoyed a late breakfast.

No hurry today as my destination was Ida Railway Hut, accommodation with additional rating stars, even if it was just for a proper floor.

Once I packed up, after 12 am as it lazily turned out, it only took a bit over an hour to wander down the track to the hut. I saw an old corrugated steel toilet from the halfway point, but the hut itself was in a gully across the broader landscape, and I was almost right on top of it before I saw the hut.

Man, a flowing stream with a big plunge pool, and a small waterfall to get the sound of water inside the hut.

A cloudless day.

Time for some more washing with some wind to dry things.

Boots were aired and even may have dried out.

No sandflies or flies.

A built-in bench outside.

I sat in the sun, soaking up one of my best summer days of the year.

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