Sometimes it’s harder the day after the tough day.

Yesterday was a thrill.

The calm start, a steady climb up a major hill, my fourth big climb of the trip, no worries there, getting into the snow, not a problem, that saddle whiteout, now that was a problem.

A drying, warming fire.

Overall an intense, thrilling Little Adventure.

Tough, but not tough.

Today was walking almost 20 km down the Travers Valley.

Not tough, but tough.

The ageing body’s been put through a fair test, there’s a dodgy shoulder, a dodgy knee, I once would have almost run down the valley. Today, a cool start but no frost because of the wind, turned into the most perfect day, now not a cloud in a the sky, breathless.

The mountain beech forest on the way to John Tait (Hut), the worth a look Travers Falls, a 20 m thundering drop into a plunge pool, dynamic plus, some of the best red beech forest you could see on the flats and a few massively trunked mountain beech trees I’ve seen closer to Lakehead Hut.

One of two big views back up to the lightly sprinkled Mt Travers, looking very alpine.

But this trip’s just about over: dinner tonight, breakfast and then a race into St Arnaud for some not quite so bland food and, secondly, rejoining, or is it rejoicing, the human race.

It’s Day 13 and I still haven’t seen a human since that morning of Day 3.

Very peaceful, if cold, here at the Lakehead, on my lonesome for one last night.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Lakehead Hut

Lakehead Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park
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