Lakehead Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Lakehead Hut is closest hut to St Arnaud with a great walk around Lake Rotoiti through the red beech forest.

The proximity to the road means plenty of use, overuse during the busy times, both by those on the Travers-Sabine circuit, and those venturing not so far, overnighters.

Lakehead Hut would be somewhat claustrophobic if near capacity, there’s not so much space per bunk as some of the more recent huts in the park. Quite limited seating and bench space. Almost ready for refurbishment.

Despite the name there’s no immediate view of Lake Rotoiti, instead you can take in a fine view up the Travers River valley.

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category … serviced hut

hut fee … 3 hut tickets, 1 ticket to camp, or backcountry hut pass

elevation … 630 m

bunks … 28

built … 1978

heating … small, ie, inadequate, oven firebox. Wood supplied

water … inside tap above sink with water from outside rainwater tank

toilet … 2 x longdrop

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