The day of contrasts as days when you emerge from the bush after a long period of time, in this case eight nights out, often are.

After avoiding others with my camping in an obscure location in the scrub, not so far off the track, a few trampers passed by before I had the tent down. Then it was just march out, just as painlessly, ie, as quickly as possible.

Actually after the full seven hours on the move yesterday some of my usual enthusiasm was gone. I started with some momentum but that gradually dissipating as the 18 or kilometres went on by. Easy and interesting enough walking, just on an hour to Heaphy Hut. Immediately beyond were the smallest weka chicks I had ever seen, I took the opportunity to catch my breath.

In the end, despite the great views along the coast on a relatively gloomy day I felt an overwhelming need to plug out, man, I was exhausted so it was on with my iPod, underused this trip and my attention was directed away from my unbelievably tired limbs.

Yesterday’s 27 km was clearly much longer, well, in length than the previous week combined, but mostly just in use of the legs for once. My almost empty pack hung heavily on my shoulders, I guess lack of breakfast, or lunch, contributed to my lethargic nature. Oh, the generally poor few nights’ sleep recently in a damp sleeping bag, or under the closed cell foam/canvas bunk material, or just soaked sleeping bag for the nights contributed to the lack of energy.

Then I met a family and we spent the last hour walking together, discussing the various potential roading options between Nelson and Karamea, I’m now an expert after reading up on the topic recently, and the Forest Service huts, ditto.

Then, whammo, it’s Kohaihai, the bridge, the campground, site of some images of mine featured on the DOC website.

And, right there, was a minibus, leaving imminently for Karamea, 15 km down the road, space available. Not even time to be bitten by a sandfly.

All over, next stop a shower and shave, then fresh food.

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