Went back to Big River for more chatting and to see that the other two crossed safely. The river was slightly shallower but was still flowing swiftly.

I just love wandering along those beaches so I kept going, the tide was right out, around past the lighthouse which is sitting up from some carved limestone cliffs. Passed a few seals doing their sack race to the water, where they are immediately transformed into graceful ballet stars.

But I just about drowned both cameras trying to get around some rocks so headed back.

I looked at fixing my sleeping mat again and found that there were more leaks down one seam and at random points. It’s a goner but rather than abandoning it I thought I’d take it for emergency use, I won’t be in the tent much, most of the rest of the trip is gonna be in huts.

Later in the afternoon I found an obscure track to go over the top to the beach to the south of the lighthouse. Due to my substandard footwear, I was wearing jandals, I failed to actually make it to the lighthouse. I just wondered how on earth there were four-wheel drive tire tracks on the beach to the south, maybe it was an exceptionally low tide a few days ago but I don’t think I would be driving any expensive truck around those rocks.

So the night by myself. I didn’t really notice.

Actually I did a fair amount of walking during the day but for once it was without my pack.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Kahurangi Keepers Hut

There are a few remnants from the lighthouse keeping days. |  Kahurangi Keepers House, Kahurangi National Park
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