St Winifreds Hut | Hakatere Conservation Park

A well cared for Canterbury Mountain Club hut that is available for use by the public.

Requires two crossings of the Havelock River which may not always be such an easy activity.

One bunk has been removed, so it has eight these days.

Constructed from the timber from the demolition of the old Havelock Hut, built in 1936.

There is plenty of reading material, but it may be better just to stare out the window across the river to those beautiful mountains opposite.

A memorable hut.

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category . . . Canterbury Mountain Club hut

hut fee . . . Free for members and $10 per night for non-members. Hut fees can also be paid into the cash box or by direct debit to the CMC bank account 03 1592 0103242 00, putting your name and the hut/lodge name in the payment details

elevation . . . 885 m

bunks . . . 8 mattresses on three-storey bunks

built . . . 1959, with the porch, watertank, and toilet added in 2004

heating . . . small woodburner

water . . . 500-litre water tank around the back of the hut with a tap at the base

toilet . . . longdrop

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