Murphy's Bivvy | Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park

A lovely bivvy in great condition. While it has an open fire and rebuilt chimney, it has little firewood in the vicinity.

Should mention the “track” up the stream does not exist, and instead, you need to clamber up a very steep stream, over slippery mossy boulders and crossing a few times. There might be a couple of times you might think to turn back due to the gymnastics involved. You need to get up to the point where you see a steep gully immediately ahead, and perhaps glimpse a DOC marker, and smash your way up to the top on the not much-marked trail. From there, it’s “just” following the stream on a poled route.

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category . . . basic huts/bivvies

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 1025 m

bunks . . . 2 mattresses on bunks

built . . . 1964, renovated 2004

heating . . . open fire

water . . . 50 m walk to Murphy’s Stream

toilet . . . none

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