Not so cold, at least inside, when I woke prior to sunrise.

Those early morning colours to the sky were remarkable against the dark snow. Indigo sky and snow. A pink tinge to the boundary between the two.

But it’s dynamic. That magical moment didn’t last long. You need to concentrate to take it in. Half an hour later the ambience has completely changed, the colours more standard. Plenty of blue sky, and the snow looking pristine and white.

This is why I came up here.

I’d always anticipated having two nights once I arrived. No point in making a massive effort, and then racing off.

The lake is completely covered in snow. Actually, snow everywhere, including major mounds on the decks and handrails.

I went outside and found it was quite chilly due to no clouds in the sky, and my jandals had limited traction on the almost icy snow.


Eventually I put on my boots and crampons and made tracks in the snow. No major excursions, just a few minor humps close to the hut.

By 4 pm I was wondering if I was going to have company for the night, but soon a couple appeared on the ridge line, and once they settled in another couple turned up.

Suddenly four other people in the hut.

Hustle and bustle.

Might be having another early night, this time in a bunk room.

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