I’ve never been great at getting away early.

Partitioning food was needed. Washing bulk dishes. Finding my gear now I’ve moved to different accommodation. Some work things. Organising my mail pickup.

Not sure why exactly that took until 2 pm before I achieved liftoff.

Then I needed to stop at Richmond for some additional supplies.

All that meant that it ended up after 4 pm by the time I made it to the Mt Robert car park, then spent more time changing clothes and boots.

Then the slow plod up the first 500 m to the hut.

Showers swept through. Rainbows shone brightly.

The snow on the St Arnaud Range to the east came down to the bushline. Probably the same on this side of Lake Rotoiti, except being north facing it was patchy at 1350 m altitude.

Gloomy as I made my way towards the hut. Actually it was now officially dark. No lights on. Maybe no one at home.

I took my boots off, and made it through the door, but the hut was warm. Too warm.

Seemed that there was someone already wrapped in their sleeping bag. No conversation.

It was only 6 05 pm.


Lots of deep sighs, as I rustled around cooking dinner, that is, just boiling some water in a pot for my de-hy.

After I’d scoffed my dinner I grabbed a mattress to sleep in the vestibule, as it appeared junk was scattered everywhere else.

Didn’t take long for me to join the occupant in silence.

Well, the kind of silence you create when you sleep.

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