Wow, after a big feed last night, not saying exactly what I ate but it certainly filled me up, after the ensuing sleep I woke up quite frisky. Nothing like a shower and some pampering to freshen yourself up.

But then it was saddling up once again, some added load with those six days of food in my purchase this morning, a 1 kg block of cheese that was just being unloaded at the shop, the some reason not much more expensive than the 250 g chunks on offer yesterday at $8.90. The joys of the isolated store.

I took the more gradual Paddys Track up the hill, keen to document another hut, Bushline, rather than walk the more direct but also more vertical Pinchgut Track.

Another splendid day, and also weather-wise, what better day could you hope for in wandering along Robert Ridge. The views are magnificent, starting with the immediate views over the lake and back to St Arnaud but as travel progresses along the ridge the vistas become more mountainous, some sheer peaks close at hand, looking down on the old Nelson ski club buildings, not now used probably with the higher Rainbow field nearby and you’re not required to carry your skis up the hill.

If I hadn’t already said it this is a great day’s walk, some rock hopping required, with boulders on slopes, not at the level of my recent times on Mt Rintoul but nerve inducing for the unaccustomed I would think. Then, you pop over another ridge and there is the hut in its picturesque location adjacent to the lake, mountains all around, it really is a fully handsome site.

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