Another beaut day, do I need to say much more?

Actually, I’m glad I didn’t go on yesterday, I wasn’t really prepared the end of this excursion, psychologically speaking.

Today is Day 13 since I left Nelson and I’m not yet ready to return. If the weather maintains I might have a couple of nights up in Nelson Lakes National Park, well, since I’m in the proximity.

OK, so there many with fresher legs who cruise through the Alpine Route in half the time, jumping huts big time, long days spent dancing over the rocks and up-and-down slopes, busy getting somewhere else. For me, at least this first trip over the Alpine Route, with the weather fantastic except for that day I spent Old Man Hut with the wind whistling around, and maybe that first mizzly morning climbing up the fire track to hit the Dun Mountain Trail, you might as well revel in the opportunity and make the most of the experience. If I came through again it will almost certainly be with another person and the logistics then changes, and any case I prefer that trip to be in the opposite direction.

There’s something likeable about this newish hut with its double glazing, plenty of windows and good insulation. I checked my thermometer: it’s 24° C inside with the sun still beaming in.

Even this morning, predawn, at Porters it was 12° C inside and outside, not a cloud in the sky, Mars setting over the distant hills, not even looking like a frost, it’s the last day of March and I was up at 900 m.

It just stayed 100% gorgeous all day.

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