Man. An almost repeat of yesterday.

I finished reading a different book, but otherwise had a similar day. Washed my second tranche of clothing, and the other side of the windows. Bathed in the lagoon again, in the afternoon once it warmed up. Sewed a button on my shirt.

Main event was walking around the point to the south at dead low tide. I could see that it was easy enough to get around with calm seas at that stage of the tidal cycle, but it would be an issue if that was not the case. And then the next couple of kilometres was basically on gravel. No big issues but just before getting to Whisky Creek Henry indicated there was another low tide bluff.

The sea was a Mediterranean blue, the sky mostly cloudless. The wind noticeable.

Of course I walked the full length of the beach, and back.

A lone black-beaked seagull had made friends with a red type. A black-backed gull stood silently on the highest rock promontory. The three noisy oystercatchers, the fully black type with the bright orange bill, harassed me in a similar manner to yesterday.

I did my rock hopping in my jandals. My boots are now dry once again due to all the sunlight and breeze, but that won’t last long with the stream crossings tomorrow.

It’s a big ask but I’m going to walk out in the morning and hopefully hitch back to Greymouth. Or, at least Franz Josef.

I will need to be up early and away. No mucking around tomorrow.

I’ve enjoyed my time here but all my washing is done. I’ve had a shave. I’ve read everything.

I’ll make my break while the weather is good. Get back to Nelson for a week or two, and probably venture out for another two weeks at the end of February when the weather might be more settled.

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