Suddenly I’m sitting in the sun and the dining room of the South Sea Hotel, waiting some blue cod for lunch. I’m glad I’m not doing the big walk from yesterday afternoon.

Freshwater to Oban is a huge day. North Arm to Oban is a morning stroll.

Except why was my pack so bulky?

Poor packing I guess. Gaiters and overtrou were aboard.

Danny left early-ish, before 8 am. I was at least an hour later.

It was just a case of smashing it out. I wasn’t so interested on Day 15 on seeing another kiwi, or karariki.

Time to for some civilisation.

Walked the track by myself just for old times sake, and having some final contemplation time.


the mussels and non-eaten octopus from last night, and meeting Danny;

the kiwi and dotterels at Doughboy;

parts of the Southern Circuit;

whitetail deer on the track;

my rest day at Doughboy, and at Long Harry;

just a whole lot of walking and early nights;

the overall good weather;

the lack of other trampers.

Yeah, Stewart Island/Rakiura is a great winter tramp.

Particularly if you want extensive physical exercise, limited socialising, and the feeling of being completely cut off from the remainder of the world.

And are unafraid of falling off the edge of the universe.

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