I lay on the narrow mattresses by the table rather than the sleeping platform in Rocks Hut. Made for easy access.

Initially there was quite a ruckus caused by a possum running up and down the outside deck. Jumped up on the continuous seating under the windows, and stared in, just a metre away from my face on the other side of the glass.

Perhaps it was envious of my delicious dinner.

I was eating from the comfort of my sleeping bag, but it can’t have known I was on the last of my rations. No more dinners, but I did have a number of soups available. One Ziploc bag of porridge for the morning, along with the dregs of my coffee. Not much else remaining.

In the end my food had lasted perfectly, and that’s with double rations on my rest days at Mid Goulter and Old Man Hut.

Seems ridiculous last time I was here at Rocks Hut I was carrying 15 nights’ food. I can’t imagine how I climbed Mt Fell with all that baggage, plus my tent and sleeping mat.

The benefits of sleeping with windows immediately near my head was looking up in the night and just seeing the stars. They were shining brightly was meant to things: it wasn’t raining or snowing, that’s a plus, and it was going to be a cold morning.

I had slid in my sleeping bag at 7 pm and must’ve been sleeping shortly after finishing my dinner. That means that even after eight hours sleep it was still very early morning.

Early indeed.

I listened to my little radio, but after the mountain weather forecast it seemed appropriate to make my last coffee.

Nice to slide back into a still warm sleeping bag.

Now just need to pack up, that won’t take long, unlike with a full pack, and scurry home.

Probably time for a decent shower, and some fresh food.

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