What a difference a day makes.

In the morning, I slept on the balcony, not a cloud in the sky. Our crew are moving on today, leaving me and Bob to fill in the day, Bob keen to visit Sutherland Falls which he omitted from his itinerary yesterday, me, well, I might just trundle back up the hill to see what a fine day has to offer up there.

I set off early back to Mackinnon Pass, and onto the monument for lunch.

I can say it’s quite a lot easier clambering up the 1000 m without the pack. And a major difference, sunlight, actually only a few clouds around the peaks, but a fine view back down the Clinton Valley, didn’t see that yesterday. No waterfalls to be observed. Quite the turnaround.

Back at the hut I find that with the Sutherland Falls reprise, I’ve cracked out 27 km and spent a big 6 hours 40 minutes on the move.

There’s a new bunch of walkers in the hut. The sandflies are ferocious in the sunlight as I chop some firewood, but somehow it seems preferable to spending time with the grim faced lot inside.

No doubt that I have somewhat tired limbs, despite all that it’s been a day out of the box.

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