And that’s the end of my autumn 2013 tramping season.

A first, truncated, trip just walking out the back of Nelson for what ended up being only three nights, not the nine planned and catered for, hardly epic, but an interesting experience with the Big Flood of 2013 and the simultaneous disintegration of my you-beaut boots.

Then, after a short intermission in civilisation, the fourteen day wander through the periphery of the Nelson Lakes National Park, down long valleys and clambering over four almost mountain passes, even having a day out in the snow.

These past 11 days through the Leslie-Karamea have been somewhat, considerably, easier, it’s really a five or six day tramp, at least at times in the year where there’s a majority of daylight.

My walking fitness has improved, no problems charging up those inclines, however steep, even up that stretch where there’s rope assistance on Moss Pass, my issue is coming down root filled slopes, my skills in the agility department have dissipated over the tears, I mean years.

I kinda feel I’m well on the way to readjusting to being back on this island.

There will be a few more of these sort of Little Adventures coming up.

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