Welcome Flat rock bivvy | Copland Track

A huge rock 100 m from the hut provides some shelter if other bunks or campsites are unavailable.

Not much in the way of shelter except from the purely vertical, and the area of flat ground is limited, and damp.

The rock bivvy is for those who appreciate living in the outdoors.

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category . . . unofficial campsite

booking . . . emergency overflow only

camping fee . . . $15 per adult, $7.50 youth

Note: Backcountry Hut Pass is not valid. And a hut warden is resident most of the year, even winter, who checks the bookings nightly, and if overbooked you may not be allowed to stay.

campsites . . . about 4 people

facilities . . . none

water . . . at hut

toilet . . . 2 x flush toilets shared with hut

fires . . . not permitted

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