Middle Head Hut | Moeraki Valley Track

If you make it up to Horseshoe Flat you may as well continue up to Middle Head Hut. Built just prior to the nearby Horseshoe Flat Hut, and receives even fewer visitors.

A continuation to the upper Moeraki River basin is worth the effort. There is a reason it’s usually a dead end: the cliffs/mountains at the head of the valley are a major barrier to continuation, although some hardy types make an immense effort to push/bash their way from/to Tunnel Creek Hut in the Paringa River Valley.

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category . . . basic hut, (not sure why, but that’s DOC’s designation)

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 380 m

bunks . . . 6 mattresses in bunks

built . . . 1970

heating . . . firebox, collect own firewood

water . . . outside tap above sink from 900-litre rainwater tank

toilet . . . longdrop

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