Mt Brown Hut | Lake Kaniere

If you are fit and frisky, the track up to Mount Brown Hut is a great test of your fitness and general capabilities. Just the straight 1000 m vertical climb. No respite. Well, it flattens once you reach the ridge somewhat.

Spectacular views are on offer, if the weather gods allow. Over Lake Kaniere way down below, and over a few hills to the Tasman Sea coast. Twinkling lights of Hokitika. Some 1800+ m peaks of the Browning Range to the south.

The hut was relocated from the nearby Lower Arahura Valley in 2010 but was completely rebuilt with insulation, double-glazed windows, and four bunks.

Best to carry your own firewood for the small woodburner.

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category . . . managed by the Permolat Trust.

hut fee . . . no fees, but donations are payable to Permolat Trust, Kiwibank, 38-9016-0266330-00

elevation . . . 1120 m

bunks . . . 4 mattresses

built . . . originally built in 1962 at Lower Arahura Hut site, relocated and re-built 2010

heating . . . small woodburner

water . . . tap at outdoor sink from 500 litre rainwater tank. In winter take water in the afternoon before pipes freeze.

toilet . . . longdrop

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