Douglas Rock Hut | Copland Track

Douglas Rock Hut is in a spectacular setting with a backdrop of some of the tallest mountains in New Zealand.

It’s a relatively easy walk up from Welcome Flat, and makes a great day’s outing. It is still okay but strenuous to get up to the Copland Pass on the west side, but the retreat of the glaciers on the east side makes the full crossing from Mt Cook exceedingly dangerous currently.

The hut was built when an avalanche and rockfall destroyed the old Douglas Rock rock bivvy, but the renovation makes the hut comfortable enough.

+++++horizontal rule+++++

category . . . standard hut

hut fee . . . 1 standard hut ticket or backcountry hut pass, free to camp.

booking . . . not required

elevation . . . 755 m

bunks . . . 8 on two platforms

built . . . 1931—32, renovated 1977

heating . . . woodburner

water . . . tap at indoor sink from rainwater tank

toilet . . . longdrop

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