Bluff Hut, Hokitika River

Moving Bluff Hut 100 m to a more stable site required almost complete rebuilding: extended, new double glazed windows, insulation, relined, internal configuration, new bunks and floor. New toilet with a tremendous outlook, although it’s an expedition to get there.

It is secured to a large piece of schist bedrock, and tied down with four substantial stainless steel ropes.

Right above the Mungo/Hokitika River junction with extensive views across to Toaroha Saddle.

One of the great DOC hut locations, with the hut matching in quality.

For additional information about access and the hut see the excellent Permolat Group website:

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category . . . standard hut

hut fee . . . 1 standard hut ticket or backcountry hut pass, free to camp.

booking . . . not required

elevation . . . 935 m

bunks . . . 6 bunks

built . . . 1961, but relocated, extended, and essentially rebuilt 2009

heating . . . wood burner, some wood around but in a fragile environment

water . . . tap on outside 450 litre rainwater tank

toilet . . . longdrop

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