Callery Creek campsite | Barn Bay to Big Bay coastal route

Not so many places on the coast to camp due to flax clumps, rocks, etc. Is that a surprise?

Callery Creek is possibly the best campsite between Barn Bay and Gorge River. 40 m up the creek on the south side, not far from running water.

Spoon Hut has, however, been moved onto the coast just an hour or so further south, so that may prove more attractive accommodation.

Flat, with grass over sand, means tent pegs can slide in. That’s all good.

Sandflies? For sure. Not so good.

Yeah, it is the West Coast/Fiordland. What did you expect?

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category . . . random campsite

camping fee . . . none

campsites . . . around 2 great sites

facilities . . . none

water . . . 10 m to Callery Creek

toilet . . . none. Stay 50 m from Callery Creek

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