Dickie Spur Hut, Stewardship Land

The spur part of the name should indicate what to expect. The track from Mikonui Flat Hut is well marked, but the 1200 m or so climb could, on occasion, be described as “steep”.

The hut was renovated in 2022 with the piles and roof replaced, new windows, fully painted, etc, but it’s still essentially an unheated shed, being above the tree line. Excellent views if the conditions permit, and even some cell phone coverage if you walk past the toilet to the bluff.

One of four small huts accessible from Mikonui Flat Hut, but this one is ten minutes off the track to Top Tuke Hut and the adventure getting over to Ivory Lake.

For more info on access, etc, visit the remote huts website.

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category . . . basic huts/bivvies. Maintained by Permolat

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 1085 m

bunks . . . 4 mattresses on bunks

built . . . 1968, renovated 2022, new piles, roof, windows, painted

heating . . . none

water . . . 1000 litre rainwater tank

toilet . . . longdrop

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