Garden Gully Hut | Croesus Track/Paparoa Track

Garden Gully Hut is the last remaining hut of five that were built in the vicinity during the Depression era for a short lived gold mining settlement. A gold stamping battery, and a mine tunnelling into the hill can be visited further up the small valley.

Of historical interest rather than actual accommodation, this restored hut gives an idea of the basic living conditions the miners endured.

Don’t use the fire, due to fears of burning down the hut.

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category . . . historic hut

hut fee . . . not available for accommodation

elevation . . . 615 m

bunks . . . 3 mattresses. Do not use!!

built . . . 1930s, renovated 2006

heating . . . open fire. Do not use!!

water . . . 30 m to river

toilet . . . longdrop

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