Saturday, ha?

It’s been almost two weeks since I left Nelson for five nights in the Abel Tasman National Park, then a couple parked in Takaka, now another six on the Heaphy, so I figured it was time for an official Environment Appreciation Day, which, due to an inclement start with the weather turned out to be a Tent Appreciation Morning.

Well, why not?

When you are in Paradise, and know it, why not soak it up?

This campsite is just about perfect, remove sandflies and I would give it a full five star rating, with the sandflies, umm, it is New Zealand, you just learn to accommodate them and slap on the toxic Bushman. That certainly keeps them at bay but at the cost of dissolving your skin or any other surface.

There’s a decent water supply, the weather is surprisingly wind-free for the Roaring 40s exposed coastline and there’s little probability of having one’s tranquility interrupted, seems no one likes coming over here much.

I collect another feed of mussels, currently steaming, my fishing line redundant, not much point with all the seals around and the mussels are prolific on the nearby rocks at ebb tide.

All in all, quite the relaxing day.

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