The weather was improving, ie, not predicted to add to the above average rainfall of the last two months.

But I needed a track that was relatively close to the road. It was past Friday lunchtime when I receive notice of cancellation of the work that would have kept me busy for 24 hours. Now I just had to pack up and race off.

But where?

I decided on Sylvester Hut, only two hour’s walk according to the DOC site, I could get up there even if I left the car park at 6 30 pm.

As it turned out I didn’t leave Nelson until 4 pm on Friday afternoon, and made it up the long winding roads to the Cobb Dam car park by, err, 6 30 pm.

Time to make haste.

Fortunately it is a wide vehicle track. You could ride your mountain bike up, although coming down would be the fun bit.

It wasn’t looking entirely serene in the weather department, a fierce wind was whistling in as I reached the ridge.

No matter.

It seemed 10° warmer in the hut that had been soaking up warmth from the sun all day.

The view is great, when on offer due to lack of cloud cover. Over there was Mt Richmond and Fishtail silhouetted in pale blue. Down below, over the hills, was Tasman Bay and D’Urville Island.

So, I had the hut to myself, Friday night.

The hut was sure shaking around in the breeze.

I’d never distinguish if it was an earthquake.

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