Rain and general misery in the morning.

In fact, it rained, mostly, for 30 hours after leaving Whariwharangi. Views were constrained to clouds at pace, and most trees with leaves and branches blown away from past storms.

Back pain was causing some issues for much of the day, presumably from when I slipped and crashed to the ground heavily yesterday afternoon after sliding on a fern frond. Maybe from the cold, or after my non-sleeping mat did its thing. Here’s hoping that isn’t going to last.

Lucky to have a day of not doing much, except further chopping wood and drinking cups of soup. Eventually, the clouds just evaporated almost entirely in a matter of minutes, and suddenly I could see through the trees to Takaka, Farewell Spit, Awaroa Inlet, D’Urville Island, and even round to Mt Fishtail in the Richmond Ranges.

The hut is in a prominent location, but the removal of much of the leafy stuff has certainly enhanced the view. Has even been a vague Internet connection to get back in touch with the world, at least if I go outside and wander around to find the best point.

My radio is useful at night to get general weather reports and news, but reception works less effectively during the day.

Plenty of reading during the day. Not much other activity.

So, Day 8 was a decent rest day.

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