Turkeys Nest Bivvy, Wye River

There used to be a full-sized hut here, but that was moved and replaced by this tiny insulated panel bivvy. Scarcely sufficient room to stand up, with a 1600 mm high door. The two bunks are narrow and short, and require some gymnastics to access. The woodburner is shoebox size. The only window faces south, and has opaque louvres.

But it is sited thrillingly on a rock outcrop, with a view down to the Waiau River, when the door is left open. It will surprise some that the Turkeys Nest is in fact a pine forest.

Few visit. Recent years visiting parties: 2021, five; 2020, three; 2019, seven; 2018, five.

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category . . . basic hut

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 1290 m

bunks . . . 2

built . . . relocated from Charming Creek in June 1999, refurbished interior August 2010

heating . . . tiny wood burner

water . . . stream, 15 m, down cliff

toilet . . . none

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