Black Spur Historic Hut, Seymour Stream

This is a historic station hut that once squeezed in ten bunks. It was built from split willow slabs, a snow grass thatched roof, and a stone fireplace. By the 1930s the roof had become corrugated steel.

In the 1970s it was done up, including the pouring of a rough concrete slab, and adding mud between the timber slabs, but is now in only average condition. DOC considers that it is only for emergency use these days. Worth a visit though.

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category . . . historic hut, emergency use only

elevation . . . 595 m

bunks . . . 4, no mattresses

built . . . 1920s

heating . . . open fire

water . . . 15 m to stream

toilet . . . longdrop

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