Trevor Carter Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Trevor Carter Hut is situated on a terrace above the Karamea River and surrounded by countryside still showing scars from the 1929 Murchison earthquake.

It can be confusing on some maps due to its location near the old Luna Hut, the previous version of Trevor Carter, now demolished, that used to be on the other side of the river.

There’s a fine new suspension bridge over the Karamea River nearby, but crossing Kendell Creek may be a problem after rain.

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category … standard hut

hut fee . . . 1 serviced hut ticket (green) or 1 serviced youth hut ticket (red). Or buy a backcountry hut pass.

booking . . . not required

elevation … 530 m

bunks … 12 mattresses, on two sleeping platforms

built … 2003

heating … woodburner

water … tap above exterior sink on verandah, from rainwater tank

toilet … 1 x longdrop

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