Cobb River DOC campsite | Kahurangi National Park

The Cobb River campsite is adjacent to the Cobb River, where there is a decent summer waterhole for the adventurous to have a summer dip. Note that there are fairly voracious sandflies also sharing the site.

The campsite might be free but there are three main issues: access is difficult, the site is exposed to sun and wind, and those sandflies.

The road into the campsite is very narrow and windy, better mention steep in places, and not suitable for large vehicles or caravans. Passing other cars is difficult due to the often one lane nature of the road. Once past the power station it is gravel although it is well maintained.

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category . . . basic DOC campsite

camping fee . . . free!!

booking . . . not required

elevation . . . 820 m

campsites . . . 20 unpowered sites

facilities . . . fireplaces, note summer fire bans

water . . . from Cobb River

toilet . . . flush toilet

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