Lonely Lake Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Lonely Lake Hut is similar in size to Adelaide Tarn Hut, ie, a rather compact shed, but the lack of a fourth bunk means there is actually somewhere to sit. Slightly claustrophobic with the full complement in the bunks due to a lack of windows, there is one, and an open door, I guess.

The view down the valley to the Tasman Wilderness at the heart of Kahurangi is great. That lonely lake, umm, may be less inspiring than Adelaide Tarn.

There is a sheltered campsite nearby under the beech trees but it might flood in heavy rain.

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category . . . basic hut

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 1280 m

bunks . . . 3 mattresses

built . . . 1973, renovated 2016

heating . . . none

water . . . bucket, from stream to the north 80 m

toilet . . . longdrop

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