Kiwi Saddle Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Kiwi Saddle Hut is another in the NZFS SF70 style hut, a six bunker, still with the original open fire and louvre windows, but the squeaky Vono bunks, ie, metal framed, have had the mesh mattress supports replaced with plywood.

It has an extra 600 mm in width, only one set of collar ties, and a ply lining on top of the rafters, painted white like the rest of the interior, which gives it an open, spacious feel.

Seems to be used by DOC for its kea research on a regular basis. Is in good repair.

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category . . . standard hut

hut fee . . . 1 standard hut ticket or backcountry hut pass, free to camp

booking . . . not required

elevation . . . 1020 m

bunks . . . 6 mattresses

built . . . November 1966 [BR]

heating . . . open fire

water . . . exterior tap at rainwater tank

toilet . . . 1 x longdrop

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