North Arm Hut | Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island

North Arm Hut is sited above a beach — too shallow to swim, but it does reveal blue mussels at full low tide on the rocks — with a corker view over the inlet.

The main living area was significantly enlarged in 2012 with extensive bench space and a few big tables and an outside deck.

You can hear the kiwis. Whether you can spot one depends on luck, for some, and endeavour, for those without the luck. In summer earplugs might be a good investment, ie, for sleeping.

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category … Great Walk hut

hut fee … 1 October – 30 April: $24 per adult, free if under 18, 1 May – 30 September: $22 per adult, free if under 18

booking … required for hut, either online or at a DOC office

bunks … 24 in two bunkrooms

heating … firebox, wood supplied

cooking … none, bring your own

water … taps above 2 inside sinks, from rainwater tank

toilet … 2 x longdrop

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