Mt Misery Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Don’t be put off by the name. The misery doesn’t persist forever, although the three-hour indication on the signage down near the jetty seems optimistic. It’s an 1100 m climb, or thereabouts.

Once up there, however, it’s heavenly. Particularly if you are greeted with fine weather, and the views down the length of Lake Rotoroa as far as Mt Owen in the distance, and of the west elevation of Mount Hopeless on the other side of the Sabine River are visible. Once up on the ridge it’s surprisingly rounded and easy travel, with a few tarns for camping if you still have energy.

Yeah, the hut is great, but with any more than two inhabitants you would prefer to be close friends.

Four or more? Just hope it ain’t raining.

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category . . . basic hut

hut fee . . . free to stay or camp

elevation . . . 1520 m

bunks . . . 4 mattresses

built . . . 1965

heating . . . none

water . . . tarn 15 m to south of hut

toilet . . . none. Use the shovel.

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