Caroline Creek Bivvy | Waiau River, North Canterbury

Due to a generous anonymous donation the new 6 bunk Waiau Hut was constructed near this site an hour downstream. Once this area was considered remote but Te Araroa is changing that, 800 — 1000 people now pass through here each year. I guess there will finally be a toilet installed, the territory is rather unhygienically fertilised currently.

Tiny two bunk bivvy that even with two occupants would be a squeeze. The hammock-like canvas bunks are quite comfortable except if you are taller than the six feet width of the bivvy.

Yeah, that door is only 2/3rds high, and watch out for how many times you crack your head on the low flying rafters. It’s sure compact.

+++++horizontal rule+++++

category . . . bivvy

hut fee . . . free

bunks . . . 2 canvas bunks

built . . . 1965

heating . . . none

water . . . Waiau River 50 m

toilet . . . none

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