Blue Lake Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Short walk, ie, 5 minutes to the remarkable, unforgettable, Blue Lake where you can see for yourself the clearest freshwater in the universe. The view of the surroundings is quite the spectacular sight as well.

Now has a nearby camping area away from the lake. Resident hut warden in summer months as it has become a very popular hut, and on Te Araroa.

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category … serviced hut

hut fee … 3 hut tickets, 1 ticket to camp, or backcountry hut pass

elevation … 1190 m

bunks … 16

built … 1970

heating … small, ie, inadequate, oven firebox. Not much wood around

water … outside tap at rainwater tank. Water from tap inside intermittent

toilet … 1 x longdrop

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