Connors Creek Hut | near Nelson Lakes National Park

Build a hut close to Rainbow Road with a four-wheel-drive track right to the front door, and the hut is bound to be in less than pristine condition.

Originally built by bolting together two single men’s quarters from high-voltage power pylon construction. It was renovated by the Backcountry Trust volunteers in 2020, who replaced some structural timber, insulated and reclad the exterior, replaced windows, relined the interior with plywood, fitted new bunks, mattresses and a secondhand stainless steel bench, and replaced the open fire with a compact woodburner. A woodshed was built.

Like many huts of the time the major determinant of the layout was the location of the chimney, hence the positioning of the windows and bunks in a less desirable aspect. Despite all this, it exhibits some charm.

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category . . . standard hut

hut fee . . . 1 standard hut ticket or backcountry hut pass, free to camp

booking . . . not required

elevation . . . 840 m

bunks . . . 8 mattresses in bunks

built . . . around 1954, renovated 2020 by Backcountry Trust volunteers

heating . . . small woodburner

water . . . 20 m walk to river. Bucket provided.

toilet . . . longdrop

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