Westies Hut | Fiordland National Park

Note that this hut is not where indicated on the LINZ online map, or printed maps. It is in fact almost exactly 1 km to the west. Stay on the well marked track from Waitutu Hut, loop around the creek crossing, climb the steep slope and the track turn off is clearly marked. Note that it is a steep climb down the bluffs to the hut. This is much more obvious than it sounds as long as you keep going on the track rather than attempting to find the hut where shown on the map as at September 2018. [This is now resolved with the online version at LINZ.]

One of the most curious huts around. Situated in a large sea cave that you could easily drive a bus through, well, if you could get a bus there. Originally built as a permanent tent, a timber accommodation annex with bunks was added. Then corrugated steel was installed over the canvas, and a decent woodburner installed. The interior canvas has been wallpapered with Victorian-style wallpaper, although in many places you can still see the canvas behind. Has a well-stocked kitchen.

Some may find there are two major issues. The hut is in a rather damp cage, meaning the hut is relatively damp, and that rock is rather overbearing. Secondly, the interior has a considerable smell of rat about it.

For a few stories about Owen (Westie) West, read this Gerard Hindmarsh article.

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category . . . basic hut, with private “caretaker”, currently Cliff McDermott

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 5 m

bunks . . . 1 single bed, plus four bunks in annex

built . . . 1992, annex added 1996, clad and renovated 2007

heating . . . small woodburner

water . . . tap at indoor sink from water tank from roofing up the hill

toilet . . . shortdrop!!

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