Pyke River crossing campsite | Pyke - Big Bay route, Pyke Forest

Perhaps the need for the Pyke River crossing campsite has dissipated now that the track has been re-marked in February 2014, the time wasted searching around for where to proceed might mean it’s easy enough just to power on through to Big Bay Hut, just three hours on.

Still is certainly one of the best spots to pitch a tent, in a valley where tussock free campsites that aren’t either already swamp or likely to flood are at a premium. PS, the other is at a hunter’s temporary camp in the forest near the south side of the Barrier River.

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category . . . campsite

hut fee . . . free to camp

elevation . . . ~60 m

bunks . . . none

water . . . from river, 10 m walk

toilet . . . none

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