Martins Bay Hut | Hollyford Track, Fiordland National Park

Martins Bay Hut is located just above the spot where the mighty Hollyford flows into the sea, at least there’s plenty of firewood around, not needing chopping. The proximity to the Tasman Sea at Long Reef and the seal colony means you can see a few around, seals that is, the penguins are more shy.

Martins Bay is a modern hut with good amenities and the kind of destination that is worth spending a couple of nights at, wildlife is close by. And you might get the feeling you are at the edge of the universe, ie, quite remote.

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category . . . serviced hut

hut fee . . . 3 hut tickets, ($15), 1 ticket to camp, ($5), or backcountry hut pass

elevation . . . 5 m

bunks . . . 24

built . . . 1980s

heating . . . firebox in living area

cooking . . . none

water . . . taps above inside sinks, from rainwater tank

toilet . . . 2 x longdrop

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