Shallow Bay Hut | Kepler Track, Fiordland National Park

OK, so Shallow Bay Hut is not quite on the track but it isn’t far off it and might be useful as a cheaper version of accommodation than the nearby Moturau Hut. There is an issue that it is quite small, just the six bunks, so there may be others occupying it, in summer they may arrive by boat.

Shallow Bay Hut is a typical NZFS old-style hut from back in the day, complete with open fireplace. Don’t burn it down.

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category . . . standard hut

elevation . . . 185 m

hut fee . . . 1 hut ticket or backcountry hut pass, free to camp

booking . . . not required or even possible, it’s first come grabs the bunks

bunks . . . 6, with mattresses

built . . . 1960s

cooking . . . none

heating . . . open fire, collect your own firewood, there’s enough around

water . . . from the lake, 20 m walk

toilet . . . long drop

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