Moa Park Shelter | Inland Track, Abel Tasman National Park

One of the few remnants from the early days of the park, now just a shell, the bunks and mattresses, and, of course, the open fire, have been removed.

The current amenities are limited to shelter from a storm, well, that could come in handy, a bench provided and a long drop. Water is from the nearby stream. Some good campsites might be a more pleasant option.

Note: moas are unlikely to be spotted at this location despite the name of the shelter.

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category . . . bivvy

hut fee . . . free, also free to camp

elevation . . . 1000 m

bunks . . . none, yup, no mattresses at all

built . . . 1958 or 1959 [BR]

heating . . . none

water . . . permanent stream 100 m to west

toilet . . . longdrop

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