Mintaro Hut | Milford Track

Mintaro Hut was completely rebuilt after being damaged in a storm in February 2020. It has been resited about 2 km from the previous location in a considerably sunnier location that is not in a rockfall area. Also now double glazed so it is a considerable improvement in accommodation.

Any view is a whack into the sheer cliffs of Mount Balloon, which may or may not be replete with numerous waterfalls. In any case, you will feel you are right in the heart of the Fiordland mountains.

The images are of the old hut!

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category . . . Great Walk hut

elevation . . . 600 m

hut fee winter season . . . 1 May — 24 October

All adults (18+ years): $25 per person, per night, or Backcountry Hut Pass
All children (17 years and under): free

Backcountry Hut Passes can only be used in this hut from 1 May to 24 October

hut fee summer season 24 October – 30 April

Kiwi adults (18+ years): $78 per person, per night
Kiwi children (17 years and under): free but booking still required

Non-resident adults (18+ years): $110 per person, per night
Non-resident children (17 years and under): $55 per person, per night

booking . . . required for summer season, 24 October – 30 April, either online, or at a DOC office.

Booking not required for winter season

bunks . . . 40 with mattresses

built . . . rebuilt 2020

cooking . . . summer: gas rings. Winter: none

heating . . . firebox, firewood supplied from woodshed

water . . . summer: tap above inside sinks. Winter: outside water tank

toilet . . . summer: 4 flush toilets. Winter: long drop, a long walk

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