what to wear: two sets of clothes

If you take too much food, well, you can always eat it, dump it, or, make some friends out there. (Actually, is it even possible to take too much food?)

Take too many clothes and you keep trudging on for the whole trip. Unlike the food department clothes don’t get lighter as you go.

Here’s a handy hint: take the right attire, only the necessary.

The theory is to have one set of clothes that is going to get wet during the day, either through precipitation, or perspiration, and one set that stays dry, to keep you cosy at night.

That’s it.

You travel in and out with your dry set, change to the wet for walking, change back out when you have your accommodation sorted to stay warm, clad yourself in the wet in the morning, you were saying how tough you were, etc.

There’s no great benefit in taking two wet, or two dry sets. Just take what you are going to use.

And, maybe, a spare pair of dry socks.

Oh, don’t forget underwear, that doesn’t weigh excessively.

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