tramping clothes: the dry set

Then there’s the dry set. You can use these when you get out into civilisation as well.

undies—well, that’s a given

polartec long pants—just to keep the sandflies away, and as an added bonus, they keep you warm;

socks—wool is good, OK, you are allowed two pairs;

polartec hut booties—look, no one is going to see you out there. You can wear them around the hut and even out to the loo to protect those socks, they have an almost waterproof sole, and are lighter and more stuffable than a pair of sandshoes, but it does mean you might have to travel in your boots. That’s the compromise;

another 200 weight long-sleeve wool top—stay warm;

a heavier weight wool jersey or hoodie—stay even warmer;

softshell windproof jacket—these are just the best, when it gets really cold in some unheated bivvy you can even sleep in it;

beanies—recycle from day use.

For back up: spare undies and some long johns, which you pop in a thin cloth bag to use as a pillow with any other discarded dry clothing.

That’s it.

No excess.

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