medical equipment

When it comes to health some people go completely over the top in preparing for any possibility: drugs for any condition; bandages for various injuries short of amputation; a full drug cabinet with concoctions for staying healthy.

Others take the minimal health junk.

Here’s a few suggestions to contemplate:

insect repellant, (well, durh), extreme heavy duty variety is good, like Bushman

sunscreen, for protecting your face when you are up on the tops. SFF 50 is the way to go

band aids and antiseptic cream for blisters, cuts and scratches

maybe a fungicide tube because it’s small and inexpensive, and I once had a major issue in the, umm, groin area after bathing in a natural hot pool

a tube of Vegemite. Don’t laugh, believe it or not, a suck on a teaspoon of the Big V is the speediest cure for cramp around, gone in two minutes, something to do with the extreme potassium and sodium concentrations. Alternatively Quick-Ese works wonders for cramp.

Just never run out of insect repellant.

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